Vismedia Workshop: Four emerging content technologies that own the attention span.

About the session

In this session you will discover how to harness the full power of modern web browser technology.

You will gain insights into creative content technologies that delight employees, put visitors at the heart of your business operations, showcase products in style and add a sense of destination to your digital conferences.

What you will learn...

  • The benefits of interactive landing pages, 360° experiences, virtual reality and augmented reality
  • Where creative technologies can improve outcomes for comms, IR, employee engagement, virtual events and marketing
  • How an energy company significantly increased their sale price using immersive technology
  • Gamified 360° content that helped one global firm reach over 80% of its employees and confirm confidence in a new strategy
  • Where one company broke down department silos and pooled budgets together to create world-class interactive web content
  • How a global SaaS company lifted spirts in lockdown combining self-shot video footage with a 3D virtual set
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